The site of the first Sonrie prosthetic fabrication clinic held in Belize was the automotive shop of a local technical school. Since it was only available when school was not in session, teams were forced to work during the hottest part of the Central American summer. In 2002, a grateful patient allowed us to use a vacant house on the outskirts of Orange Walk Town.

Project Hope~Belize opened our permanent facility in Orange Walk Town in 2003.  Since then we have fit over 100 Belizeans with artificial limbs.  Since we are the only clinic in all of Belize, we also have a follow up rate for our  patients at 90%.

We host prosthetic mission teams several times a year and the clinic is staffed full time by Adrian Camara, our Clinical Manager and first patient. 

Funding for Project Hope~Belize is being solicited from corporations and individuals both in the U.S. and Belize ~

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Project Hope~Belize

Prosthetic care for people in Central America &

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