Where We Go...

The Dominican Republic

Tailoring our services to the needs of each nation we serve, Sonrie volunteers work together with other organizations in the U.S. to improve care provided by the Centro de Rehabilitación in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. On-going instructional training, assistance with fitting of difficult-to-fit patients, and program evaluation are some of the ways we have joined together to help amputees in the Dominican Republic. Partners in this endeavor are: Physicians for Peace and World Rehabilitation Fund. 

Phocomelia patient, Edwin, age 10, received assistance devices

Sonrie Clinical Director, Rob Kistenberg, CP (c) & staff at the Centro de Rehabilitación

Electrocution victim, Emeterio was difficult to fit due to extreme limb scarring.

After suffering a tragic fall from a train in the Dominican Republic, triple amputee Wilkin, age 17 was brought to the U.S. for prosthetic care. He now receives follow-up care provided by Sonrie volunteers in his home country. Wilkin has returned to school and is studying computers. His smile is evidence of his new outlook on life.

Some patients also receive assistance devices to improve the quality of their lives.

(Edwin above r)


Program Evaluation and Instructional Workshops improve patient care and technical skills of local practitioners and technicians. (staff above l)


In addition to providing care for difficult-to-fit patients (Emeterio left) in the Dominican Republic, we also arrange to bring patients to the U.S. for care. Working with U.S. practitioners and hospitals, patients receive their initial limb, then follow-up care is provided in their home countries. (Wilkin below)